Best Paper Shredder

How To Get The Right Paper Shredder For Office and Home Needs


A typical home or a small office generates much waste of paper from children's homework to junk mail. The reason why people choose to shred their waste paper or junk mail is that of security reasons or theft protection. There are several shredders that are available in the market, and each of them performs a job that is slightly different from the other. Before you go out to get one, you should know the features, the right balance of price and their performance. One of the types of shredders is the strip-cut paper shredders. They usually slice the paper into long thin strips.


Strip-cut shredders at are used if you have a large volume of paper and they require fewer maintenance levels. The kind of shred varies from one cutter to the other. For better security, narrow strips are better. The disposal of these strips requires a larger basket because the volume produced is enormous. Cross-cut paper shredders tear paper horizontally and vertically into confetti-like pieces and therefore provide better security. The shredded paper is compressed further, and this means that you will require less emptying of the basket. However, these shredders may need more maintenance and might also cost more.


Confetti and cross-cut paper shredders are just the same with different names for the same product. The chad created by a cross-cut paper shredder looks like confetti, and that is where the term comes from. For the confetti shredder, it is square in shape and small in dimension. There are also stand-alone units that fit on a typical size waste baskets. Their sides are flexible, and they are expandable according to the width of the waste baskets. Compared to integrated shredder units, stand-alone units cost less. When searching for these units, look for a unit that accommodates both rectangular and round baskets.


Integrated units usually come with inbuilt baskets or racks for plastic bags. These kinds of shredders come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Because integrated units come with their baskets, you supposed only to use a particular size of the basket. These units also come with a window to check the paper level. If you insert the specified capacity of paper when shredding, a shredder will work at its best. They tend to require more maintenance if you overwork them. The blades of a shredder must regularly be oiled so that it works efficiently. There is a particular oil for shredders, and it leaves no mark or residue on the paper, see here to know more!